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Safeguarding the rights and safety of individuals working in the field of law and its enforcement, the International Justice Organization is a global organization dedicated to rescuing legal professionals, protecting their rights, and working towards a better future for them.

We lead global efforts to protect legal professionals and their families from harassment they may face due to their involvement in investigations related to corruption or the pursuit of justice.

Our vision is to create a world where every legal professional can build a better future for themselves.

We support and promote the independence of lawyers, striving to protect their rights to practice their profession freely and without any unlawful interference.

We also work to support the judiciary, enhancing its role in achieving justice and safeguarding human rights by providing support and assistance to judges in various cases.

Furthermore, we aim to support public prosecutors, enhance their independence and efficiency, and assist them in carrying out their duties with integrity and effectiveness.

We work diligently to preserve the rights of individuals and promote justice by advocating for the respect of human rights and international laws.

Our organization, officially known as the International Justice Organization, was established by the European Union Secretariat in 2005 to assist legal professionals in executing their tasks and protecting them in the aftermath of state instability caused by corruption.

Today, we operate throughout the European Union, offering necessary assistance, including defending their rights and ensuring the respect of those rights.

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Legal Professionals' Rights: Protecting the rights of lawyers, judges, and prosecutors, including professional privacy and the freedom to defend clients.

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The organization helps law enforcement professionals rebuild their lives by enabling them to access information available from all sources, while also finding long-term solutions for them.

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